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Get your edits delivered within one week. No matter your genre of photography or style of editing, we can help you streamline your post-production process.

Evolve's Core Mission:

save photographers time & money

Having a team of editors who can maintain quality control and allow you to deliver work to your clients within a week is vital to the growth of your business. With a team like Evolve, you don’t have to compromise the quality of your editing as you grow your business. 

And when it comes to AI editing tools, it’s not an either-or conversation. These are tools that were designed to make editing efficient and while it seems like a more cost-effective solution, your time is not cheap.

Sitting at your computer playing human QC does not bring any revenue into your business, and if you value your time, it costs more than outsourcing. Think about it; is sitting at your computer all night to deliver a wedding the night before it’s due better than booking more shoots, delivering work on time, or spending time with your family?

During busy season, you need a seasoned team you can lean on to catch those details you don’t always see. To offer the best service to your clients year-round, you need a professional editing partner. The power of an editing team that is focused on you thriving allows you to run a successful business.

Partner with our team for 30 days and push your business to new heights.



Beauty Edit | Image © Salvatore Cincotta Photography

How outsourcing with Evolve works

At Evolve, we work with you to learn about your studio’s production needs and visual style to start delivering consistent edits in as little as 14 days.

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Evolve Premier

Unlimited post-production.
One monthly fee.

Evolve Premier is our unlimited post-production plan. Submit unlimited jobs for color correction, enjoy discounts on additional Evolve services and predictably budget your costs for the entire year. In addition, get valuable member benefits that make the choice even more of a no-brainer.

Photography Post-Production Services

No matter your style, genre or budget, Evolve has a post-production level that works for you.



Image by Salvatore Cincotta Photography

Color Correction

Color correction has different meanings to different photographers. At Evolve, we assess your studio’s style and “brand” during our onboarding process. After your style is established, we save a personalized preset for you. From that preset, we color correct using individualized adjustments of Temperature, Tint, Exposure, Highlights, Shadows and Black Point within Lightroom to promote consistency between images and different parts of the day, with an emphasis on good skin tones.

Blog Edits

Blog edits were developed with photographers offering sneak peek edits for IPS sessions and trying to step up their social media game in mind. Where our other services offer a standard 3-5 business day turn-around time; Blog edits can be delivered within 3 business days at no additional cost.



Image by Four 2 North



Image by Lux Wedding Studios/Life Media Studios

Noir Edits

Noir edits are a spin off of the Premium editing service with a focus on black and white toning. With toning styles ranging from classic black and white toning to stylized sepia and selenium options; we have a toning style to cover all your needs at an economical price point.

Premium Edits

Premium edits have become an essential service for photographers looking for well rounded edits at an economical price point. Premium edits offer skin smoothing, dodging and burning to separate the subject from the background and one of many different styles of toning with the option to add on texture overlays and Basic Beauty Retouching. We offer 6 distinct color toning styles with a simple onboarding process to dial into your toning style preferences.



Image by Zaki Charles Photography



Image by Forevermore Films

Hybrid Edits

Hybrid Edits transform your image into a true art piece. They are best used for 1-2 big impact images per order. With skin smoothing, blemish removal, minor distraction removal, a sky swap, straightening, skew fixes, faux HDR, dodging & burning, Premium toning and a texture overlay all included, Hybrid edits are sure to make a big impression with your clients.

Custom Retouching

Blemish removal, distraction clean-up, head swaps, sky replacement, overall beauty edits, multi-image composites, background swaps, or anything else you can dream up, we’ve got you covered! Our retouching services are performed by some of the most talented editors in the world. Contact us to get a custom quote for your project today.



Image by Salvatore Cincotta Photography

Photographers all over the world choose evolve to be their post-production partner

Without Evolve Edits, Salvatore Cincotta Photography does not exist. They are an extension of my team and scale with my business when and how I need them. Their work, is superior to any post-production company out there. This isn’t a bunch of computers with automated editing. This is a team of people that take time to get to know your business and your editing style. I couldn’t do it without them.

– Sal Cincotta
Salvatore Cincotta Photography

Before Evolve, we were spending hours of time culling and would labor over which ones to select for our signature style. Evolve has probably saved us 3-4 hours per session, 8-10 hours per wedding. We are so much more consistent with our clients now, because of the timely reveal, delivery taking over a month is a thing of the past and at the time of booking the session we are also pre-booking the reveal in some situations.

– Stephen Johnson
Jeckyl Photo

Before we used Evolve, our editing style was all over the place. Our wedding style didn’t match our senior style, our editing would change depending on whose work I was admiring at the time, and we just couldn’t lock in a style for our own brand. Using Evolve for every session took our hands out of the cookie jar, so to speak, after the Evolve team worked with us to find an editing style that resonated with us, our brand vision, and our shooting style.

– Chris & Brandy Gronde
Gronde Photography

Outsourcing my editing has allowed me to focus on our client experience, and deliver weddings in an efficient and timely manner. It provides a very consistent look from wedding to wedding so that couples looking our work know what to expect. Gaining access to their expertise and technical knowledge helps us to provide our couples with some amazing portrait images that are beyond their expectations which in turn has helped increased IPS sales.

– Gary & Kim Evans
Gary Evans Photography

Why Choose Evolve?

At Evolve Edits, we want to be your post-production partner. Our team is dedicated to the success of each photographer we work with. We offer a custom process with every order to ensure that each image or design that you receive is true to your studio and their style.

In 2012, Sal Cincotta wanted to create an outsourcing solution for photographers around the world to gain back control of their businesses and their lives by letting go of the mundane task of image post-production. From this vision, Evolve Edits was born and provides custom editing solutions for many photography businesses.

In 2023, long time senior manager Dustin Lucas, purchased the company from Sal Cincotta. Dustin, working closely with our clients, is taking the company into the future by focusing on new and innovative ways to service our growing customer base around the world and their ever evolving needs. The company is growing to focus on faster turn times, specialty edits, social media management, and incorporating AI into their workflow.