Album Design

What is album design?

Finding the time to sit down and design an album for your client can be a daunting task. That is why Evolve has a dedicated team to help make the design process less time-consuming for you!

Our Album Design team will design and upload the cover and spreads for you and your client to proof. With an unlimited number of changes, use our online proofing tool to let us know of any modifications or tweaks that need to be made. As soon as your client approves the design, the files are returned for you to send off to print.

It’s that simple!

No matter what type of event, our designers can create an album that will tell the a story for your clients. With our two distinct layout styles, Heirloom and Showcase, we will work with you to ensure we meet your clients’ expectations.

$6-12/spread | FREE with Unlimited Album Design Add-On for Premier Members 

*Selection and retouching services are offered at an additional cost.

Showcase Collection

Showcase is your way to exhibit the best you have to offer. With an average of 3 images per spread, allow your images to shine. Showcase is perfect for seniors, engagements, boudoir, and more!

$6/per spread

Heirloom Collection

Heirloom is ideal for those more precious events that can’t be shown with just a few images. Using an average of 6 images per spread, let your clients include more of the shots that they love.

$12/per spread

Evolve your business with unlimited post-production.