Batch Services

What are batch services?

Tight timelines demand a “plug and play” environment to receive files that are ready to go versus wasting valuable time in the tedious and time consuming step of prepping files. This is a problem regardless of personal workflow and can help save hours.

Eliminate wasted time by utilizing Evolve’s Batch Services. Whether it is ordering our Batch Services to simply render a job to .jpg for proofing, converting all the images to black & white or sepia, or giving your proofs an extra something special with skin smoothing, we are here to help you save time.

You can order our batch services individually or in combination with each other.

$25 per service | $20 for Premier Members

Sample Work

All Batch Service images are returned to you as jpg files in a separate folder. You will still receive your XMP files for your raw file workflow, however, because these are edited and batched files they will be converted to .jpg for you.



Example of Sepia Conversion

Example of Black & White Conversion

Example of Skin Smoothing

Additional Batch Services

JPG Conversion

Once we have culled and color corrected your images, we will run all those images through batch conversion and render your files to jpg format. This allows you to have client ready images for delivery or posting to your preview site.

$25 | $20 for Premier Members

Proofing Upload

Once we have culled and color corrected your images, we will rename your images to a client friendly format and upload to your client proofing site. For example, N-Vu, PhotoBiz, SmugMug, Pictage, etc. Just send us your log in credentials and we will take care of the rest.

$25 | $20 for Premier Members

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