Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Our team is dedicated to the success of each photographer we work with. We offer a custom process with every order, ensuring that each image or design that our clients receive is true to their studio and their style.

During the onboarding process, you will work closely with our editing staff in order to determine the best workflow. We ask each photographer to fill out a short survey describing their workflow, after which our team will research your website and blog for recent images and styles. Everyone on our staff is a practicing photographer or experienced designer, so we can walk the walk and talk the talk!

IT IS COMPLETELY NORMAL to go back and forth a few times while we get dialed in on your style. Every photographer is different and figuring out the subtleties takes time. Imagine hiring a new employee, it would be impossible for them to sit down for the first time and match your style. It is that back and forth communication that will ensure success for the both of us. Our goal is to be an extension of your team. If you fail, we fail.


We assign each client 2-3 editors. If one editor is out, you’ll still be well taken care of by someone who is familiar with your style and workflow.

Every transfer time is different, according to your Internet Service Provider’s upload speed. Please visit to determine your upload speed if you don’t know it already. If your speeds are under 2mbps we strongly suggest sending the images on a portable hard drive.


Images processed within the Deluxe, Premium, and Signature Edits are considered to be print ready, however in the end this is determined by the photographer.

Evolve will set WB, Exposure, and Color settings based on the preferences communicated in your Photographer Information Details form. From there we evaluate each image according to skin tone. Our goal is deliver a consistent skin tone no matter the lighting conditions. After we evaluate the skin tone, we then take into consideration the natural light of the surroundings within each image.

Typically you can expect projects returned 3-5 business days after Evolve receives an accurate order form in addition to all the images.

Placing Orders

Yes, please fill out an order form to accompany each project you are submitting, even if submitting several projects at once. If an order form is filled out incorrectly, or not filled out at all, the order will be placed on hold until all information is accurately received by Evolve. This will ultimately cause delays in your order.

Once the order form has been submitted, you can submit your images via our web-uploader or by sending us a drive in the mail. With internet speeds always increasing, most studios do not have any problem uploading jobs, especially when created in a Lightroom Smart Preview Catalog.

Before submitting your order form, set Submission Method to Web Upload. After the order form is submitted, you will be directed to our upload page. When submitting individual files, select all the files you will be submitting, and drag them onto the upload button. If you are submitting a Lightroom Smart Preview catalog, make sure the catalog folder containing the .lrcat file and smart previews.lrdata is zipped. When uploading, to avoid any delays in your order, make sure you are submitting the same number of images as stated on your order form.

Login to your account page. Under “Download a Completed Order” you will see your orders listed chronologically below. Just click on the order you are wanting to download and it will begin to load to the default download location on your computer. The downloads will only be available for 30 days after the job completion so please make sure to download your completed jobs as soon as possible.

Projects submitted needing a guaranteed 3 day turnaround are subject to availability with a 50% rush order fee.

Projects submitted needing next business day delivery are subject to availability with a 100% rush order fee.

Orders are placed into the production queue daily at 7am CST/CDT. All files associated with the job must be received at this time for the order to go into production. Orders/Files received after the 7am cutoff will be placed into the production queue the following day.

Please contact us for same day delivery as this is handled on a case by case basis due to overall team capacity.

Note that adding a rush cannot be used to meet a minimum order requirement and is individually assessed after the minimum order is met.

Yes of course, this may also help you to meet the minimum criteria for an order, if you don’t already.

When you place your post production order, you’ll have the option of ordering Selection, Batch Services, Color Correction, Deluxe Edits, Premium Edits, Retouching and Signature Edits.

We currently do not have a service option for cropping and straightening images as its becomes increasingly subjective to make judgements on that aspect of the images we see. 

From an education standpoint - we always recommend staying away from cropping and straightening when it comes to proof level images as a whole.  Mainly because any time pixels are removed, it potentially limits sizes or ratios that images can be sold as well as just becoming a massive time sink on images that are just proofs. 

In our perspective, any cropping, straightening, or sharpening should be done as a finishing option prior to any prints or albums being made.

Shooting in the RAW format enables your editor to revisit an image after capture to indicate which specific levels and settings are to be applied.  A JPEG file is processed according to the user settings in camera, and all excess information within an image file is either compressed or discarded.  RAW files maintain all the original image data so the editor decides which information needs correcting, compressing, or can be discarded.

Another reason for shooting RAW is the XMP sidecar file that is created to tag along with MOST RAW files which acts as the middle man between the editor and the actual file.  All RAW image edits that take place in Adobe Lightroom or Bridge are written to an .xmp file. The .xmp tells the RAW file which adjustments have been made to the image, however, these .xmp files do not permanently apply the edits until exporting to another file format, allowing for a clean, nondestructive edit.

Uploading FIles

Once you submit an order and it is accepted you will be automatically directed to the Web Uploader. If you have already placed your order but still need to upload files you can access directly in your order history on your account page.

For Lightroom files such as catalogs and Smart Previews these must be compressed when submitting. It is best to compress the folder containing both the .lrcat and .lrdata files. For RAW or JPEG files, please select the appropriate files loosely to upload and do not compress these files.

The onscreen notification will tell you exactly what the issue is.  To make sure your order goes through, make sure your order form has the right total submitted image count and file type selected. You will also receive an email notification to refer back to at a later time.

You can only delete files if the current upload is not finalized and file submission is not successful. All uploaded files will be listed and have a delete link next to each one.

The quickest way is to click the link as directed in the onscreen notification or by going to your account page. You can edit all orders until the images received match the order form.

If your total submitted image count includes files that do not match the file type selected on the order form, your upload will not be successful.  You can either delete out files that are not needed, or adjust your order form to reflect what has been uploaded.

You will immediately receive a verified completion date once the field are successfully uploaded. The production day starts at 7am CST- Monday through Friday. All completion dates are tied to these production times. A confirmation email of your upload will be sent as well.

  • As a tip for those uploading raw files, XMP sidecar files are not counted as images files and should not be included in your total submitted files on your order form.
  • Do not compress raw files.
  • All Lightroom files need to be compressed before submitting. Make sure to close the Lightroom catalog before compressing the files.
  • There is no reason to send Lightroom Standard Preview files. They are unnecessary, bulky, and slow down upload times.
  • For corrupt zip files please re-compress the necessary files and make sure it completely compresses before renaming, moving, or reuploading.
  • All activity while uploading will be confirmed via email for later use.

Receiving FIles

Delivery process is as follows:

  • Basic Correction services on RAW files will be delivered using Adobe’s .XMP file.
  • Deluxe, Premium Edits, Signature Edits, and Custom Retouching projects can be returned in either JPG, or PSD files, however we cannot guarantee specific layers will be preserved.
  • If you submitted images via hard drive, you can choose to have the entire project returned on that same hard drive upon completion.

*If none of these options don’t work for you, please contact us for additional options.

Yes. Please specify either a return via the current version of Lightroom CC or Lightroom 5 as indicated on the order form. We can now use and edit your catalog without having to shuttle images all over cyberspace. For more information on how to do this, check out how to use Lightroom Smart Preview Catalogs

Evolve Premier

As a new client, it will take 3-5 jobs to get dialed in to your style and preferences. This is completely normal. Just like hiring a new employee, it would be impossible for us to be dialed in right out of the gate. It takes two-way communication. During this part of the process, your feedback is PARAMOUNT! If we do not receive feedback from you, there is no way to ensure we are in sync. Clients that have the most success with us are the clients that invest the time and communication to ensure we are in sync – a true partnership.

Your first few jobs will be processed one at a time. With each job, we will deliver a set of preview edits. Once we receive feedback on those preview edits, we will complete the job and move on to the next. With each job, we will get closer and closer to your style.

With Premier, we want you to be 100% satisfied before you commit to an annual contract. We realize outsourcing is not for everyone. The 30 day trial allows you to try the service without worrying about if you like it or not. If you decide to opt out in the first 30 days, your only obligation is to pay for the work completed to date based on current pricing – (review list of services in the menu). Your contract is dissolved and you are free to leave the program.

No. In order to avoid people taking advantage of the program, once you leave, you will not be allowed to re-join at a later date. Planning, staffing and administration costs are tied to subscriptions. The program and its additional benefits were created to provide value yearlong for you and your business.

Once your 30 day trial period has ended, you will receive an email with all your additional discount codes and free upgrades.

Yes. During the on-boarding process (see above), you will be limited to one job at a time. You can submit multiple jobs, however, the production team will only work one at a time during the on-boarding process to ensure we are dialed in to your style and to avoid frustration and mistakes. Once on-boarding is completed, you can submit as many jobs as you like at the same time. We will work those jobs in parallel. However, if you have been sitting on 10+ client jobs for 4 months, and you know who you are, we will not be able to deliver every job in the normal turn time. Instead, what we will do is look for you to help us prioritize your jobs for us. This is especially important during the on-boarding process where our editors are getting dialed in on your style. Last thing we would want to do is rush the jobs before we have had a chance to adjust your first order with us.

Yes, of course. What you CAN NOT do is use the service to submit images from multiple shooters in your studio shooting different weddings. The account is for a single photographer and will be tied to that photographer and their jobs. If you have any questions, please contact us so we can better understand your scenario.

This would be a custom plan for you. The Premier Plan is for a single photographer and their jobs. If you are a studio with multiple shooters, we will have to work with you on a custom quote. Please contact our offices for more details.

When you sign up, you will enter your credit card information. You will be billed immediately for the first month. Then, each month you will be billed your monthly fee using the credit card you used when signing up for the program.

No. Color correction of your images ensures that they are light balanced and adjusted to the correct tonal range. Adjustments include exposure, color temperature and tint, highlight and shadow compensation, contrast, saturation, vibrancy, and clarity. Your images are solid and client ready. To see some before and afters visit the Color Correction Services page.

No problem. For example, you could submit your wedding of 2000 images and choose Selection Services and the amount of images you want. In theory, that would be 800 or less to stay within your Premier Plan and incur no additional charges. Because you are a Premier Member, all additional services are at 20% off – this includes Selection Services.

Album Design

Once your album is ready to proof, you will receive a direct link to your album. Here you can make comments on specific images, spreads, and design elements. We also offer unlimited changes to these designs, but don’t tell your client as we may never get the design approved for print!

Album Design layouts are delivered as layered .PSD files and full resolution .JPG files.


Retouching can include anything from swapping eyes and heads, brace removal, blemish or acne removal, liquify, sky swap, adding or eliminating subjects to an image,  lens correction, or any other type of edit you need done.

Email support for a quote for your specific job or project. From there, our creative team will work with you in order to determine the estimated amount of time need to complete the project. Retouching projects will be invoiced in 15 minute increments.

Social media management


Each month we will create up to 12 Social Media posts and 4 separate blog posts for you free of charge. You will choose which jobs for us to post from as well as direct the specific copy to use for content.

When filling out an order form for color correction select yes on the Social Media Management section for any order you want posted to either your social media channels, your blog or both. Under Social Media Management you have the option to include any and all information from the shoot you would like to be seen in the post.

For example: Couple’s Names, Date of Shoot, Ceremony Locations, Reception Locations, Photographer’s Names, and any other information from the shoot you wish for us to include within your posts.

We currently can post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.

Just like our standard Premier program, within the first 30 days if the program isn’t working for your studio, we can cancel the Social Media Management service and your account goes back to its previous status. This typically provides ample time to make sure the service is working for your workflow.

There is no limit on how many posts can be made per week. Included in the program you receive 12 Social Media posts and 4 Blog posts per month.

Yes. Just include specific image numbers in the notes section of the order form, or upload the images you would like us to use individually. If no image numbers have been included in the order form we will use our discretion to select the best images for your post.

Based on the content of the job, we will select how many images will be posted, but no more than 25. In theory, we will use more photos for Weddings to insure we are telling the story of the day while with portrait images we will include what we believe to be the best images of the shoot.

Yes, we will tag people and vendors within your posts as long as the profiles are included in the notes for the post. We will also use any hashtags you would like us to use. All this information must be included within your order form under the notes section. If you have a general set of hashtags you use for all posts, let us know and we can save these to your social media profile.

Once you have signed up for Social Media Management you will receive a “Welcome Email” detailing next steps as a member. Within this email, there is a link for you to follow to securely submit all your login credentials for your different social media channels. You will also receive detailed instructions on adding us as an Editor for your Facebook page.

Social Media Management is handled strictly per studio, so there is no need to spend extra money per month for multiple Social Media Management accounts.

Please send all feedback to


Typically you can expect to see your post by the 3rd business day after Evolve receives your images. If your order includes Premium, Deluxe, or Signature Edits, we will create the post once these image are completed to ensure we are creating the strongest post for your brand.

If you submit multiple orders on the same day we will spread the posts out over the week.

Yes. Posts will be prescheduled to go live on times of the weekend where there is the potential for the heaviest traffic and visibility.

Yes you can. When you fill out the order form just specify in the job notes when you would like this order to be posted. This is very important if you have specialty images you don’t want us posting until after your clients have viewed the images.

Placing orders

Before submitting your first order, you will need to make sure you filled out the Social Media Credentials form. In your welcome e-mail there was a link to follow for you to securely send us all your login credentials for your different social media channels. While filling out the order form you will want to include any information you wish to be included within that post.

Yes, please fill out an order form to accompany each project you are submitting, even if submitting several projects at once. If an order form is filled out incorrectly, or not filled out at all, the order will be placed on hold until all information is accurately received by Evolve. This will ultimately cause delays in your order.

Yes, all you need to do is submit a new form and only fill out the social media section with the note that this order has already been processed and you wished for it to be used for social media. If it has ben over 30 days since your order was completed you will need to resubmit the images.

Proshow web & sticky albums

Yes. We will use your credentials to create slideshows and/or StickyAlbum apps. If you do not currently have an account with either service we have generous discount codes to help get you setup.

Please notate on the order form the specific song you are wanting us to use inside of Proshow Web. You also have the option to upload any music that you have been given licenses to use with your job files.