Deluxe Edits

What are deluxe edits?

Want to give your images a more polished look at a very affordable price point? The Deluxe Edit is the easiest way to give your images that polished look your clients want. The Deluxe Edit includes skin softening and custom dodging and burning. However, this is not as hands on as a Premium Edit where are editors are making more creative decisions with your images.

Deluxe Edits are best when mixed into your existing job. Photographers will typically add 5-10 per job as a way of making their images stand out from the rest.

$3/image | $2.40/image for Premier Members

Sample Work

Our clients use Deluxe Edits primarily as a step above a basic color corrected image and a fully retouched image. A Deluxe Edit is a clean, print ready image that has custom masked skin smoothing and dodging/burning with light sharpening, color pop and contrast boost.



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