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Post Production For Professional Photographers
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About Evolve

The professional photographer’s first choice for post production editing

Evolve was founded by Salvatore Cincotta and Laurin Thienes, two active photographers and industry veterans.

Laurin has been photographing since 1997 and attended Brooks Institute. Working for top studios and learning from some of the top photographers on the west coast, Laurin knew there was a huge need for photographers to off load their post production work.

“Today’s clients want to see immediate results! And the days where clients are willing to wait weeks or even months to see their images are long gone. Being a photographer today requires you to have not only photographic skills, but a strong understanding of digital workflow and post production editing techniques to offer your clients a fully processed image. That’s where Evolve comes into play.

Sal, an award-wining photographer, international speaker, educator, and author, owns Salvatore Cincotta Photography and relies heavily on post production techniques to differentiate his studio from the competition.

“Without services like Evolve, I don’t know how our studio would have grown the way it has. They have truly become an extension of our business and team. We are able to offer our clients unprecedented quality and turn around time – all lending to our x-factor. It allows us to stand out from the crowd and it frees up my time to focus on more important tasks, like running my business and shooting more.”

We look forward to helping your business grow and being part of your team.

Sal Cincotta & Laurin Thienes, Co-Founders

Team Evolve // HQ in O’fallon IL