Selection Services

What are selection services?

Send us an entire event and let us do all the work for you. With Selection Services our editors will select the best images from each part of the day and narrow them down to whatever number of images you would like to see for your job.

Culling can be objective and simple while also being subjective and telling an intimate story. Looking for sharp images, with eyes open, and a flattering expression is only half the battle. Telling a story is where we thrive. Our team is trained to ask the question “would your client want to see this image in their preview session and ultimately purchase it?”

Plain and simple, we are selecting for the best of the best. While you may think no one can select exactly like you or how someone would know what to keep and what to toss out, we select from the client’s perspective, while still meeting your needs.

$.05/image viewed | $.04/image viewed for Premier Members

Evolve your business with unlimited post-production.