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— Finalizing Files | 5 Part Workflow with Lightroom CC

Part 5 Finalizing Files

Finalizing Files

Finally, we are ready to post the images for the client to see. For now, the editing is done! In the past four “Workflow With Lightroom CC” articles, I have stressed the importance of efficiency. User presets are the foundation for my efficiency in automating tasks and processes. In this final installment, I discuss output file management and the functionality of plugins for exporting and publishing images. If you are interested in slideshow publishing, printing and book design in Lightroom CC, keep an eye out for my upcoming articles. – See more at: Behind the Shutter.

— Advanced Editing | 5 Part Workflow with Lightroom CC

Part 4 Advanced Editing

Advanced Editing

You are done with the monkey work and ready for the next steps before delivering files to your clients. Bring on the creativity of advanced editing. Lightroom CC offers quite a wide range of editing capabilities, as I have covered in previous articles. Now we are ready to see these in action. Let’s look at how to streamline your advanced editing at a proofing level. – See more at Behind the Shutter

— Processing Files | 5 Part Workflow with Lightroom CC

Part 3 Processing Files

Processing Files


After the shoot is done, files are stored and backed up, catalog and previews rendered, it’s finally time to process all those files. Get comfortable now. Lightroom CC has made many of our lives easier with the intuitive hotkeys, ease of cycling between images and syncing adjustments. I have to be honest, though: No matter how fast you are at culling and editing in Lightroom, getting 5,300 images down to under 1,000 is rough. I’ve done it five days a week for years, and I still push myself to increase efficiency and quality.   I don’t want to compare culling in other programs or batched styles of editing in this article. I am a Lightroom guy, and I am sticking with it. Working with Evolve, I have seen various workflows and mechanics from hundreds of professional photographers. I learn as much from them as they do from me. You have to trade secrets in this industry. That’s what I am here to do. – See more at Behind the Shutter.

— Catalog Management | 5 Part Workflow with Lightroom CC

Part 2 Catalog Management

Catalog Management

I am constantly trying to keep my digital photography process constrained to a single program. I want my workflow to be uncomplicated. I know Photoshop is the end-all program for intensive editing, but I want to get the most out of Lightroom before making the jump. In this article, I continue my five-part series on Lightroom CC, with catalog management. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of Lightroom workflow. Why bother changing? All you need to do is import, edit and export, right? Well, those are the steps to process work in Lightroom, but you need to develop a game plan for how the files live in Lightroom. This is where catalogs come in. – See more at Behind the Shutter.


— Storage & File Management | 5 Part Workflow with Lightroom CC

Part 1 Storage & File Management

Storage & File Management

In recent articles, I compared Lightroom CC to previous versions and other programs, concluding that Lightroom was the superior total workflow solution for large-volume photographers. I’ve used Lightroom for years, and have continually changed my practices and refined the best ones. With this article, I embark on a five-part series in which I will break down a simple and powerful workflow primarily using Lightroom CC. Over the next four articles, respectively, we’ll cover catalog storage & file management, processing images, output methods and archival/backup strategies. – See more at Behind the Shutter


— Lightroom 5 Smart Previews


We have all been there… trying to upload images via the FTP and wanting to scream because of the ever increasing image sizes and the ever decreasing upload speed. Smart previews changes all that. By using smart previews, Evolve Edits can now edit your images without actually having the raw files sent to us. Then, we can edit your job and return the catalog back to you to import the changes back into your system.

According to Adobe key benefits include:

  • Smart Previews are much smaller than the original photos. For example, 500 raw images from a high-end DSLR camera may occupy 14 GB of disk space. The Smart Preview files for the same images amounted to 400 MB of disk space.
  • Continue to work with your Smart Preview files even when the device containing your original photographs is disconnected. You can perform all edits that you would perform on the original file.
  • Automatically sync any edits made on Smart Preview files with your original files, as soon as the device is reconnected to your computer.
  • Once created, your Smart Preview files are always up-to-date. When your storage device is connected, any edits you make to the original file are instantly applied to the smart previews as well.

Watch the video below to see how it works. Let us know if you have any questions.

**Special Note**

If we will be doing special edits like Premiums, Signature Edits, or anything requiring Photoshop, we will need your actual raw file.



— Image Selection Services


// .05 PER IMAGE

This process includes narrowing down your job and selecting the best images from your shoot. We use parameters selected by you to determine how many images to select within a certain margin of error.


— Signature Services


Created specifically for Sal Cincotta, the Signature Collection edit is used by Sal to sell art work to his clients.  Each image is a one-of-a-kind custom edit combining corrective techniques, sky swapping, textures, and multi-layered recipes to create an art piece like no other for your clients.  Also a service used by Sal for creating print competition level work.






— Welcome to Evolve Edits

Welcome to Evolve, the premier editing company for professional photographers.

Evolve represents a new era in post-production services for photographers world-wide. Its no longer taboo to outsource. Take your life back!