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Category: Signature Edits

— Sky Swap – Signature Edits

As a photographer when setting up to capture the perfect image you have the ability to control almost everything within that frame except… the sky. Some days you may get lucky enough and find that you are shooting at the most perfect time of day and happen to have the perfect sky for your vision. But I think for most photographers we are not that lucky. So what can we do to create a more dramatic image if we are shooting without the most ideal sky? Sky Swap.

With Evolve’s Signature Edits we have the ability to do a sky swap to give your image that extra WOW factor for your clients. With each of these sky swaps we wanted to create something that took these images to the next level without taking away from the subjects. Let the Signature Edit team help you complete your artistic visions by adding a little more drama through swapping in the ideal sky for your image.

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Check out these awesome sky swaps for some of our clients.

Warren McCormack Photography

Christopher Paul Photography

Timoteo Mendes Fotografia

Greg Wood Photography


— What is a Signature Edit?

What is a Signature Edit?

Art. That is what we are creating for you and your clients. A piece that they will be excited to hang in their home; that single image that will showcase the magic of their wedding or portrait sessions.

First and foremost this image needs to show off your client(s), the actual subject of the image. And then you blow them away with something that takes the initial image to the level of fine art. This could be the astonishing architecture of a grand cathedral or a huge beautiful sky that takes you to another place. But either way the environment is there to frame your subject with bold drama.

So how do we get there? 

Well, there isn’t a specific set of criteria for a Signature Edit that fits in a neat little box. We tried… it broke out like a crazed animal. But we do have a few guidelines for what we look for in the perfect Signature Edit to get you close to a definition.

  • Get the client out in the open. This is pretty simple. A Signature Edit is about your client(s). Don’t hide them behind bushes and rock walls. This is their moment of glory and we want to see them in it, all of them.
  • Go for that big shot. The magic in the added drama is often in the environment surrounding the subject.
  • Frame them with the environment. Use everything at your disposal from the leading lines of pillars or trees to the natural frames of grand entrances or even stone archways. Good composition is imperative.
  • Pay attention to what is cutting into your subject or what happens to be sticking out of them. Ha, that sounds morbid but it is crazy how many submissions we get with horizon lines cutting off the heads of your clients or even hard edges of buildings cutting them in half.

First impressions are everything. All of the bullet points above lead us here. The images submitted for Signature Edits need to have an initial wow factor before they ever get to our editing process.

In future installments we will cover different settings for Signature Edits. However, we wanted to kick off this series of posts with an indoor shot. It’s not always easy to get the kind of grand shot that we are looking for in an indoor setting.

This gorgeous bride and elegant room were photographed by Rafael Serrano Photography. We loved the big shot that was captured here. The pillars, the railing, the stairs and the perspective of the lines on the floor and ceiling all lead your eyes to the bride. The railing in the middle of the stairs is an issue but can be removed with relative ease. As an indoor image there will be no sky swap and the lights in the image are already on. So if there is no sky swap and there is no cool lighting tricks to perform then what do you see in this image for it to qualify as a Signature Edit?

Our Vision

When you look at an image where do your eyes go? If they don’t immediately go to the subject then we have a problem. In this case we have several areas battling for your attention. We need to shut them down and get you visually to where you are meant to look: the bride. In order to do that we need to get rid of the hotspots on the ceiling and pillars. The stained glass lighting feature on the ceiling is beautiful but bright, saturated and commands a lot of attention. The painting between the lights is a bit of an issue. All of the leading lines that work for the client are even better suited to get your eye up to the painting so it really needs to be darker to get back down the stairs to the bride. The subject is a little dark and needs a little pop to draw the attention that she deserves. Lastly, we need to get the foreground centered up and fix the slight outward bow of the pillars.

All of these things were able to be completed within the reasonable scope of a Signature Edit allowing us to add value to the initial image, and turn a good initial photograph into a piece of fine art.

— Payton Hediger



— Wedding Post Production

Signature Edits don’t always have to have a super high contrast, dark, desaturated, grunge look. Signature Edits can have a warmer, colorful, softer feel to them. You took the time to compose the image, let the Evolve Team work with you to bring your artistic vision to life and take your images to whole new level. Check out these different styles from the Evolve Edits team for Wedding Post Production!

To learn more about Signature Edits visit our services page.

For this image by Greg Wood Photography, we wanted to bring in a more dramatic sky to contrast the darker elements of the image. With the soft color palette of the sky as well as the higher contrast of the scenery, we were able to create an alluring image that draws you in and brings your eye to the couple.

Photography by Greg Wood Photography


For this image by Phenomenon, we wanted to create a super sharp, high contrast, desaturated image with a lot of drama. The original image had many distractions with the car and orange cones in the background. We wanted to make this image all about the couple by removing all the distractions and even adding a special touch by placing the couples name on the street sign.

Photography by Phenomenon


— Engagement Post Production – Michael Anthony Photography

A beautiful Signature Edit for Michael Anthony Photography. Check out this Engagement Post Production image from the Evolve Edits team! Signature Edits are not just for dramatic wedding images anymore. Let Evolve Edits help you create a lasting impression for your Engagement clients so they come back for all their photography needs for years to come.

For this image, we wanted to create something that had a slightly cooler tone but with a dramatic statement. We wanted to give the couple a sense of isolation by removing all distractions and allowing them to be the focus of the image.

To learn more about Signature Edits visit our services page.



— Portrait Post Production- Rodrigo Pineda Photography

A beautiful Signature Edit for Rodrigo Pineda Photography. Check out this Portrait Post Production image from the Evolve Edits team! Let Evolve help you create something incredible for your Senior clients that they will never forget! The goal was to give this senior an epic image, but still allowing her to be the main focus of the image.

To learn more about Signature Edits visit our services page.

— Wedding Post Production – Warren McCormick

Another killer signature edit from the team for Warren McCormick. Check out these wedding post production images from the evolve edits team! The goal was to bring a sense of isolation to the client’s image and remove all the distractions. We wanted to make the image about them. It’s what happens when two people are in love – the rest of the world doesn’t exist.


— Wedding Post Production – McCormick Photography

Wedding Post Production Services at its best! KILLER KILLER KILLER engagement image from McCormick Photography. This is the kind of work and post production that will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

To learn more about Signature Edits visit our services page.


— Wedding post production services – Timoteo Mendes Fotografia

Love this before and after by Evolve and photographer Timoteo Mendes Fotografia! Well done my man! Wedding post production services done right. Wow your clients and create artwork for them.