Editor’s Pick: August 2021

Evolve’s Editing Team Shares Insider Thoughts on Image of the Month

Here at Evolve, we want to start giving our audience a look inside the creative brains of our editing team. With thousands of edits going out on a weekly basis, it can be tough sometimes to take a breath and reflect on a particular edit that really stood out. With this competition, we want to give our team the chance to do just that.

Each month we will challenge our editors to choose an edit that stood out to them and give us some feedback on why that particular edit was so special. At the end of the day, we want to deliver the best service and product for our clients. Allowing you to take a peek inside our creative thinking is something that we hope you enjoy! This will be one of our favorite images that we believe really defines our creative process and is something that we’re extremely proud to have been able to provide our client with.

Our Editor’s Pick for the month of August is from Leigh Wolfe photography. Signature Edits like this are what really helps clients stand out among their competitors. Here’s what a few members of our editing team had to say about this month’s winner!

Really dig the fall color scheme and mix of textures!


Just love the tones, framing of the trees and how her pose breaks up the symmetrical composition.


It seems, to me, the most artistic and intentional.


I love the color schemes, they compliment each other. The composition really brings your attention to the subject.


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