How To Choose The Right Photo Editing Service For Your Business

Now that you are ready to let go of editing, you need to find a trusted team of professionals to depend on. Keywords are depend on. You have a business to run and can’t be wasting time to micro-manage editors you pay. Once you have the right team in place it’s time to leverage their editing services to generate more revenue. Many studios start out offloading image selection or more commonly known as culling and color correction. These are the tasks that take hours to deliver on. The question is, what other editing services could you be making more money on?

Creative services are where you stand out and make more money during the client preview. Services like premium, hybrid, signature edits and custom retouching are for your select 1-5% of images that stand out from the rest of the shoot. Each service has a use like premium edit for example are great to show multiple outfits on a senior shoot or showcase the highlights of a wedding day. These edits run $4 each and are handpicked by your editors to include the following: color correction, dodge & burn, skin smoothing, creative toning, and textures. Need more editing like a sky swap, distractions removed from the background, beauty retouching? This would be a hybrid edit priced at $100/image. This allows you to pick the image and the team will do the rest. This edit deserves to be on the cover of a photo album or a 20×30 in your client’s home. 

Image by Jack Adams Photography

For our highest level edit we offer Signature edits, where the team hand picks 1 image to take it to that next level. Think about image comp and the difference between a meriting image and one that is just average. This is where details matter and we custom art direct images just for you. Nothing better than having an art piece to sell to your client in 3-5 business days. After you have your sales session or deliver your client images, they will likely want custom requests. This is where our retouching service shines, priced at $100/hour. Upselling your client by offering custom retouching is a no brainer. Start by gathering your client’s requirements, get a quote from the team, pass along the cost to your client before placing your order.

End of the day, you want to walk into your sales or preview session with assets ready to buy. Not showing creative edits from your client’s sessions is a huge miss for sales. Keep in mind, if they don’t buy these same images from the preview who cares. Use them for marketing, refresh your website, post to social media, etc. You’ll book 3-5 clients with this content and end of the day; don’t let the images your customer buys control your brand. 

Image by Jack Adams Photography

Let’s face it, images your clients pick make you wonder why they booked your studio right?  Don’t depend on them to love the same images you do. Instead position your work to attract more customers, be your brand’s ambassador. End of the day, you should show high end edits to make a bigger sale. 

We offer many custom options and with our premier plans, we’re here to help prepare you for making more money. Here is how one of our current clients Jack Adams, owner of Jack Adams Photography chooses the right services services for his business. 

Images by Jack Adams Photography

Q: How do you make more money showing clients creative edits?

Answer: Showing clients creative edits makes me more money by showing them that these aren’t just images, they are works of art that deserve to be center pieces in their homes.

Q: How does Evolve save you time and money with a Custom Premier plan?

Answer: Evolve saves me time and money with my custom plan as I can spend time I would otherwise spend editing on marketing, shooting, and working to get more clients. Not to mention the extra time I get to spend with my family as well

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